An introduction

by RH

To all gourmets I commend this book.  If, in these unhappy times, they cannot come to China to see to eat for themselves, this book will build for them an easy and a pretty bridge by which, from their own homes, they can reach the simple and surprising delights of Chinese cooking.

The authoress, Dolly Chow, is the daughter of Sir Shouson Chow, a well-known and much respected member of the Chinese community of Hongkong.  She has been so kind as to give me some lessons in cooking at which I had the emotion both of finding out the secrets of the Chinese kitchen and of eating the dishes as they came off the fire.  If you had seen and tasted what I did, you would agree with me that no one is better fitted than Dolly Chow to introduce you to the dressing of Chinese food.

– Maria Teresa Clark Kerr, Introduction to “Chow! Secrets of Chinese Cooking” by Dolly Chow (Mrs. C. T. Wang), 1952.